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A Play Date That Meant The World To Her

--by alisamom, posted May 20, 2016
My daughter has a difficult time hanging out with friends because most families don't seem to make time for just 'hanging out.' She has occasionally tried to meet up with friends and while they may say they'll be there, they almost never show up. 

Today we went to a renaissance faire and she said a Facebook friend would be there as well but they hadn't met yet in real life. Hours went by and the friend didn't show. We tried not to be negative. Then we decided to have a late picnic lunch in the car, sit for a bit and leave if her friend hadn't shown up.

And lo and behold: her friend came, the girls and us adults met. Shortly after we found out that they weren't even going to go to the faire because the weather was getting bad, but they still wanted to stop by just so that the girls could meet. That flooded my heart with so much love for this lady I had just met. She had no idea how important it was for someone to actually show up for my daughter. She is so used to being disappointed by people it's so sad to witness. We all stood in the parking lot chatting for over an hour. I'm sure we'll meet again because we all got along very well.

My faith in humankind is once again strengthened. It was a great experience. (And the faire was great too!) 😀
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kiwicat wrote: Thats beautiful. It is a lesson to always show up, as it means so much to others when you do!
Mish wrote: Glad things turned out this way. Bless.
mindyjourney wrote: So glad you enjoyed and the girls met <3...blessings of more great connections, my friend!
mnc_91 wrote: I'm happy for you and your daughter :-)
leoladyc728 wrote: so glad that your daughter had her faith in people renewed. I love those types of faires also.
splain wrote: We feel so hurt when our children get hurt. I was so happy when you post had a happy ending.:))))
Novice50 wrote: Hoping for more encounters of the strengthening kind!

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