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A Lesson in What Wasn't Said

--by mnc_91, posted May 29, 2016
Reflecting on the day that was, I realized that I might have been more compassionate to someone who treated me 'quite unkindly' if I have listened carefully to his body language. It was only this afternoon when I saw him not physically well that I understood that he was not his usual self that's why he acted unkindly earlier. My big lesson for the day is to listen to what others are not saying.
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laughingsoul wrote: Thank you for sharing this, a wonderful lesson.
verityngnosis wrote: Wise words. Body language says more than our words do.
Mish wrote: Much wisdom there.
mindyjourney wrote: huge learn to listen between the words ❤️
scushman wrote: ty! for sharing this. so much goes unsaid that we can tune into when listening with compassion. Namaste _/|\_ ૐ☮
kjoyw wrote: Very wise learning here! Those words that are unsaid often speak louder that the ones that are spoken.
splain wrote: I so agree with "hearing" what is not being said
melnotes wrote: Great reflection and thank you for sharing, so true :)
leoladyc728 wrote: we all need to remember this.

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