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Tale Of The Missing Wood Rabbit

--by gardengal10, posted Jun 2, 2016
Before Easter I had purchased a little rustic-looking wood rabbit that I placed on my front steps. Several weeks ago, it appeared to have hopped away with the help of some unsavory kids.

 I couldn't blame them for certain as I had no proof only a suspicion. It simply annoyed me and I wondered what happened to it. The lady on my far corner has fence upon which she places cutesy little "things". Today as I took my walk, what caught my eye but said rabbit without its base.

She was working in her garden and I inquired about it. She shared how she had found it in the street and encouraged me to take it back when she heard my tale. But I realized it looks so cute on her fence and at least I know what became of it even though I still can't pin the deed on anyone. Sometimes just knowing the end result is enough. 
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splain wrote: Your giving was just wonderful. Great for the lady and the little rabbit. in that it fit perfectly there. Lovely kindness
AnnC wrote: That was so thoughtful and generous of you!
mindyjourney wrote: Seems the missing rabbit found a good home after all :). Tx for your generous heart <3.
scushman wrote: well, he found his home! :)
horsegirl21 wrote: nice of you to let her keep it since it looked good there :)
kjoyw wrote: Very kind and generous of you!

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