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A New Old Friend

--by sailorgrl, posted Feb 11, 2009

My daughter and I have recently moved across the country to the West Coast. I know no-one here other than my sister and her husband. I started feeling a little lonley and missing my friends and family back east.

I have now started to go back to college and have been enjoying getting the education I should have gotten long ago. I'm an extrovert and I love to talk, that's why I enjoy going to school so much because it gives me the opportunity to meet new and different people. I think you learn the most from people and life experiences. I love talking with and learning about people from different walks of life, different religions, and age groups.

Children and the elderly are the most interesting to me. Children look at everything with eyes full of wonder. The elderly have been there, done most of it, and can tell you all about it. You can learn so much from both the young and old.

Recently, while riding the bus I struck up a conversation with an elderly woman who had been born and raised in the Pacific North West.  She had so many stories about the area and how it had once been. I truly had a wonderful time talking to her. A few days later, I got on the bus and there she was again. She smiled when she saw me and patted the seat next to her. I sat with her and we picked up the conversation where we had left off. Over the next few days when ever I got on the bus she was always there and we would talk.

I have returned to work and have been taking an earlier bus and haven't seen much of my 'new old friend'. Then I ran into her at the transit station and she lit up.  She said she had been wondering about me and how talking to me had been the highlight of her days. This really touched my heart.

My friend Joann asked if she may have my number so we could chat when she doesn't have the pleasure to see me on the bus. This just goes to show you how far a smile and a kind word go, it may make your day, but it could make someone else's week or even better.

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crazydane wrote: Such a lovely story and so happy to hear, you got a new friend. It shows just to take a minute to chat or smile or listen to another person, might make their day and yours too. (((( ))))
Davinci PHARAOH wrote: Doors are opened many ways : all doors open to the person with a smile
Conyers wrote: A simple and inetlielgnt point, well made. Thanks!
hotcocoa wrote: How touching!

Makes me want to cry ;)
Thanks for sharing
Ann wrote: Touching! Goes to show that a small gesture can open so many doors. We learn and grow everyday, dont we! Keep up the good work and keep smiling.
FuzzyWuzzy wrote: How true it is that nothing happens by coinsidence (sp? ) . She needed your friendship as much as you did hers. How sweet a story. We all can use a nice person to talk to now and then now can't we? :)
cabbage wrote: How wonderful---it's always amazing
To me how the seed of friendship
Can be planted anywhere, anytime--
Only our hearts need to be open!

Your story reminded me of a dear
Friend who my husband met at a bus stop! :-)
Jimpa wrote: Fabulous story

Many blessings,
Ann wrote: Touching! Goes to show that a small gesture can open so many doors. We learn and grow everyday, dont we! Keep up the good work and keep smiling.
Krabbeguy wrote: That's a great story! Technology and our microwave access to so much has taken some of the importance of "people" and relationships. Thanks for the reminder!

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