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Aren't We All Family?

--by mindyjourney, posted Jun 3, 2016
I noticed elderly man was wobbly on his feet and was trying to steady himself by grabbing at a bush outside the rest area facility, but then sort of slowly collapsed to the concrete sidewalk as another bystander. My husband and I ran to his aide.

Thankfully, he didn't hit his head on the sidewalk! A few more of us gathered around, assessing the situation. I gave my cell phone to husband to call 911.

It seemed lot happened all at once, but there were at least 4 or 5 of us by the man's side. <3 His wife was alerted (she had been walking their dog in the pet area) and then she brought his oxygen. Someone took his pulse; another cushioned his head.

Waiting for the ambulance to get there, I held his hand and looked in his eyes. I patted his face and touched his forehead. I assured him that help was on its way.

I think I saw a glimpse of a far-off place in his eyes. It tears me to think of it now.

Once the ER team got there, I talked to his wife. His medical history was very rough, with a triple bypass and fight against cancer. This was their last trip out West to visit their son, who was retiring from the military.

I gave her an origami dove and HUGE hug and then before we all dispersed, thanked everyone for their assistance and gave out more doves.

One young man, who had been so very very helpful, asked if I was family.

"No," I said, shrugging, "but then again, aren't we all family?"

He nodded and smiled in agreement. :) Gave him a HUGE hug too.

Please keep the elderly man and his wife in your positive thoughts and prayers, my friends. Grateful for ALL of your Love and Light and support. You so helped! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, my kind family.

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cabbage wrote: LOVE this post---thanks so much for sharing. And yes, we are ALL FAMILY. xoxoxoxo
Rajni wrote: Help in time is necessary. Saving someone's life with little extra care and getting support of others is greatly appreciated sister Mindy. Thanks for using Power of Knowledge.
sandra wrote: First, thank you and the others for actively trying to help the gentleman and not just being on-lookers. Second, i believe god leads us to be at certain places when we can help others; he knows your kind hearts and he knew you were all needed there at that time. May you continue to share his blessings with others, as he is blessing those who helped and the man and his family also.
Mona W. wrote: How wonderful you were there to help and all the others too. I do origami too and am going to make some doves or cranes and tuck them in my purse for times where someone might need a lift, say a thank you or other reason. :)
Sethi wrote: Thank you for who you are , a compassionate angel. Bless you.
melnotes wrote: Sending lots of love and light his way and so glad you were there to help Mindy, I was all teary reading this xx
Mish wrote: Not even in South Dakota and already spreading your vast angel wings! Holding him and his loved ones in Light.
horsegirl21 wrote: You were at the right place at the right time Mindy. Thank you for helping the elderly gentleman.
bountiful wrote: Beautiful giving and caring mindy xx
lt33 wrote: Glad u and your hubby were there for them

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