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Tears And Cheers

--by sfolson48, posted Feb 11, 2009

I am a high school teacher in a small school in a very rural area.  My personal "goal" each year is to greet each student in the hallway by their name at least twice every week.  Graduation is coming up so people are becoming very sentimental. 

Today a senior student zoomed over to me in the hall and handed me an envelope.  In it was a Thank You note which read, in part, "Thank you for talking to me when no else would. Thank you for saying hello to me in the hall.  No one else says hello to me. Thank you for visiting with me about what books I've read and how my cats are."  This student is a shy person and not too socially fluent.  School is tough for her because "there are so many people in one building". 

Her note meant so much to me and of course, I started crying.  Inside I also cheered because she took the time and energy to "connect" which is what I hope all students will be able to do.  I love teaching and am so lucky to be able to go to work at a job I love.  What a lovely gift I received from this student.

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Pradeep wrote: People like you should be cloned so that every child that goes to school should be surrounded by people like you who can enthuse their young spirits achieve whats said impossible by adults
SRIDHAR wrote: Its really great to read such stories like this,,,plz send me some more sensitive stories.
hotcocoa wrote: A boomerang gift, you give and you recieve back :)
Thanks for posting
LOAS wrote: I love that you took the time, and made the committment, to greet the students like that. I can imagine how that would have made me feel when i was in h. S . I also love that you got to know what a difference you made for one of them. :)
Thanks for sharing.

Shannanigans wrote: I love teachers! I think everyone had that special teacher in their life who made a difference and you are probably that teacher to tons of students!
cabbage wrote: Hurray for you and hurray for all teachers who are as dedicated as you! I know exactly what that note meant to you--
I have a drawer full of them myself :-)
Keep it up!
donothing wrote: This is a wonderful story... Little extra efforts like this that we go out of our way to do are so difficult to put into practice. I'm glad you did and you got rewarded with some gratitude :)
joyful wrote: Isn't it wonderful when 'pass it on' comes right back? What a wonderful feeling it must have given you. Kudos to you!! :-)
Lisha wrote: You made me remember one of my nursery teachers who was kind enough to share her time with me because I was a very shy kid and did not have many friends. But I was too small to realize the meaning of this gesture. I can understand how important it is for students to know that the teacher cares for them. And trust me, even if no one ever said anything to you, I am sure they love you and you hold a special place in their hearts. You are surely a blessed soul. I thank you on behalf of all your students.
AURELIA wrote: You are very special....we all are!!!! Thank you for noticing and taking time to notice even the ones who are almost invisible! :0) God BLESS and Smiles Always....~Aurelia

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