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Positivity Notes

--by suse15, posted
I brought little positive messages on stickies to my training. Each participant was instructed to pick one out for another person there to give them. It set the tone for positivity and the environment we want to create when working with youth.

It was joyful to hear their dreams and watch their plans for the year unfold as they planned out what they want to do with young people.

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Alisamom wrote: What a great idea to start a meeting, I love it!
scushman wrote: what a wonderful idea! :)
mish wrote: That was a great idea. Well done, Suse 👍
horsegirl21 wrote: great idea :)
mindyjourney wrote: Yes! great way to lead off with a positive "note!" :)))
leoladyc728 wrote: sounds like it was a success.
verityngnosis wrote: Great idea
kjoyw wrote: Marvelous! Good for you!

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