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A Short Cut Home And To My Heart, Because of Kindness

--by DANCE, posted Jun 26, 2016
This past weekend was full of wonderful love and kindness and it all started with a lovely South African couple. I went shopping in the area but without the car. I enjoy my walks and often choose a destination from which I can take a bus back- If I have walked a long distance.

So I went on a beautiful walk and was happily doing my shopping. At the checkout after paying for my bill, I decided to ask for info about the bus. I’d not been able to see the timetable. The lovely lady to whom I’d offered to go first in the queue turned back and asked where I was going. “We are going that way, we can take you”. I enjoyed a beautiful conversation with them in the car and arrived safe, grateful and happy.
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splain wrote: Wasn't that so lovely of them to do that for you
leoladyc728 wrote: wonderful kindness towards you.
Mish wrote: Perfect sharing!!
mnc_91 wrote: Wow, I always look forward to reading kindness stories. I feel like I am in scene witnessing everything :-)
mindyjourney wrote: A lovely ride of kindness :))
marleen wrote: Nice exchange of RAoK

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