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Finding How Meeting New People Isnt' Scary

--by splain, posted Jun 25, 2016
The last few weeks I have made a point of talking and listening to people who pass my way. I then also take time to engage them and show I am interested in what they are saying. It takes so little to make people feel comfortable enough to relax and you both end up chatting like old friends. It is marvelous. I am finally making connections and enjoying it. I used to be so scared of people and frightened that they wouldn't like me. Now I think "just give each person that is in my space time and attention. Hey it works. I am feeling so great.
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kjoyw wrote: Yes, so agree. Bless you for all your kind listening!
leoladyc728 wrote: I know that there is so much that people will like in you.
debmeron wrote: goes to show that when you give you receive... I read once that one should always make it a habit to greet everyone first (before the other person greets him/her)
mindyjourney wrote: Understand, my friend...we let go of any judgements (of self or others) we are so open to our connect <3. Thank you!
lya348 wrote: Splain, that's wonderful! You are truly a special person and the rest of the world deserves your caring and kindness. So happy you are making connections and growing!
hugzuli wrote: Giving attention is giving love, so by doing that you are actually sharing the love within you and you are bound to receive more love than you have ever imagined.

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