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Look Deeply To See Clearly

--by mnc_91, posted Jun 21, 2016
Today, I decided to see the good and speak only of good things about a person whom I found difficulty dealing with. And the miracle was, I indeed saw his good qualities. Lesson learned: challenge a wrong belief for it will be proven to be wrong. The sense of right and wrong is all in the mind. But the sense of goodness is deep down the bottom of our hearts.
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mish wrote: We will see what we are looking focused on seeing good & that's what you saw. Well done by you.
Gyrocloudy wrote: I will try that.
debmeron wrote: beautiful...
splain wrote: Hard to do sometimes but so true. Focus on the good in a person and not only will you find it but you will see it more often in other people you come in contact with.
pluto178 wrote: Someone was talking recently with a very twisted face....and I said until that face quality changes I am not continuing this conversation because I will just mirror back at your more of the same and I do not want to pull twisted and unattractive faces like that ! It worked. lol Even I was surprised x

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