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A Small Act For My Dad

--by C, posted May 26, 2006
Sometimes it is the small acts of kindness and of just common hospitality that can make a difference in someone's life. Most stories I have read on this website have been gracious gifts of some form.

My Dad was in his car when he took a bite of his food and started to choke. He got out of the car and was bent over trying to breath when a big man came and asked if he needed help. He could not speak but the man could tell by his face changing colors that he needed it. Being a large guy, he shook up my Dad so the piece of food in his throat belted out. The man was gone before he could fully recover. And though it was an obvious thing to do, helping a choking person, it still meant life or death. It was a big gift, a kind gift. If the man was not around, as scary as it sounds, neither would my Dad be today.
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