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Remembering the Elderly

--by Enid, posted May 23, 2006
I am a mother of two and always have had a special spot in my heart for people that have spent many years on this earth. I somehow fall into these peoples lives for some reason or another.

One elderly woman needed a lot of care such as cooking, cleaning, dr. appts and so on which I was more than happy to help until she passed. Of course it broke my heart.

Since then, I've befriended several others -- some just want to have lunch and tell their stories while others need help going to the store and getting their hair fixed every week. The main thing I have noticed is that when you get older for some reason people start to ignore you and they lose their voice? I understand that sometimes there is memory loss, however, it upsets me to see dr's and even family treat them as children.

We need to take a minute out of our busy lives and do something special for an older member of our communty. It really makes their day when someone takes time to talk and show we care. I encouage you to find out about their lives ... I have heard some amazing stories from this generation.

It hurts when they are gone but, you will always have the memory and maybe you can give them a little comfort in knowing we still love and respect them. I wish I would have heard my grandparents stories before they left this earth.
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Spoonerism wrote: Hi enid! Thanks for the story! My wife and i both have a soft spot for the elderly and love their stories! We will be taking a hand massage course in a couple of weeks. The course is designed with the elderly in mind. We plan to then take our new skills into homes in the area and offer our full attention to the residents! Not just the massage but making sure each one feels appreciated and listened to for the time we are with them! Love from london
trueblue wrote: Some elderly people can tell such wise life story's if only people took the time to stop and listen. I wish there were more caring people in this world. Who treat the elderly with respect and dignity as you do :-)
debbie wrote: This is my purpose now in life! To help older people because we have shoved them all into a little corner of the world and have forgotten them and they do have lots to say and share. God bless you for your care and love!
sewingsphynx wrote: We wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the elderly. Providing companionship to a senior can really add to their quality of life.
VM, USA wrote: Thank You, Enid, for the wonderful reminder! I am going to write an email to an Elder I care about right now!

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