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Listening With The Heart

--by splain, posted Jun 29, 2016
I am so getting into the "listening". A dear friend was having coffee with me and started to tell me a long wonderful story. I listened intrigued, commenting when needed and truly heard I have heard the same story over and over. She has memory loss.
The positive side is. I know the story so well that when she falters in the telling, I fill in the blanks. She says to me "you are amazing how you know exactly what I am going to say". How do you do that?" A beautiful learning for me is hearing her and not letting her know that her memory loss is so bad. I get more out of seeing the joy on her face as she tells this marvelous story. It is a gift to me.
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Namrata wrote: A very kind friend
Namrata wrote: A true friend
alin3995 wrote: This is an awesome story!
Mish wrote: Now that is truly beautiful ((((Splain)))) 👍
AnnC wrote: You are listening with your heart!
scushman wrote: so sweet!
Kaige wrote: You're a precious friend.
verityngnosis wrote: You are a true friend.
kiwicat wrote: that is very funny, my brother used to do that, tell the same story over and over... he had a brain aneurism - it was funny, but required some patience! good on you!!
mindyjourney wrote: Such a kindness you are, my friend <3...thank you for being YOU! <3.

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