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Random Acts of Kindness Bags

--by lewski711, posted Aug 5, 2016
In April I put together a RAOK bag for my car. I stocked it with food, water, candies, gift cards, lottery tickets, and the like. During the month, if I saw someone in need, I would look in the bag for something to help them.

After April, I still had some items in my bag, and I've reached in a few times since then.

Today, I was at a convenient store returning a DVD I had rented for my daughter when a guy asked if I had some money for bus fare. I rarely carry cash, and I was driving my wife's car (my car has change in it). I told the man I would look to see if my wife had left any change in the car. She hadn't! But she had put my RAOK bag in the car.

So, I looked, and lo and behold, there was a scratcher in there. I handed it to the man and told him good luck, and if it hit $500 to be sure to pay it forward. As I pulled out, he scratched and yelled that he'd won a free ticket.

I certainly hope that ticket was a big winner!


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laughingsoul wrote: This is so inspiring, thank you!
kiwicat wrote: Nice raok!
1sher wrote: sweet little lift for him
leoladyc728 wrote: lets hope he got his change that he needed
suse15 wrote: Cool story!
lya348 wrote: Great job!
mnc_91 wrote: The both of you won!
mish wrote: Spot on!
scushman wrote: Nice! :)))))
splain wrote: I love hearing stories like this. Good on you

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