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Changing the World

--by brindlegirl, posted Jul 31, 2016
I don't normally "repost" others writings but this is so beautiful. So true. And something I vow to do daily. And most days I do. I am changing the world. YOU are changing the world. We all are changing the world. 💜 

"She felt like doing her part to change the world, so she started by giving thanks for all of the blessings in her life, rather than bemoaning all that was missing from it.

Then she complimented her reflection in the mirror, instead of criticizing it as she usually did. Next, she walked into her neighborhood and offered her smile to everyone she passed, whether or not they offered theirs to her.

Each day she did these things, and soon they became a habit.

Each day she lived with more gratitude, more acceptance, more kindness.

And sure enough, the world around her began to change. Because she had decided so, she was single-handedly doing her part to change it."
- Scott Stabile

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Virginia wrote: Good reminder that it is the simple things in life that can make such a difference. And - at no cost. Being grateful and smiling are high on my list.
Marleen wrote: Thanks brin!
mnc_91 wrote: Thank you for the share. This is a wonderful reminder on how to go about a day with positivity and kindness :-)
splain wrote: Beautiful share
suse15 wrote: I love this and it is so doable and so true. A great way to be kind in the world every day.
mish wrote: Glad you posted this! It's wonderful.
petroskryf wrote: Such a stunning share! Thank you.
mindyjourney wrote: That's what we do, my kind friends <3. Tx for reposting this and sharing :)
scushman wrote: love the image!
1sher wrote: so great & simple~ thank you

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