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39 Roses For Each Year

--by mindyjourney, posted Jul 5, 2016
As I handed folks a rose, I said, "We're celebrating our anniversary and giving out a rose for each year...39! Would you like one?"

So many smiles and hugs and stories about recipient's anniversaries we shared over the simple beauty of a colorful rose; the joy (and heartbreak too -- some partners gone) to a deeper connect of LOVE.

From the library to the grocery store parking lot, from the restaurant (where I went back and gave our server another rose, because she was so very dear) to the drive-thru coffee shack...each rose my husband and I gave put put a new smile in our hearts.

I'm leaving two roses on our front porch tonight (giving out these many roses is exhausting!), so my niece can pick them up on her way to work, and give one to co-worker too.

My husband started the tradition of a rose for every year of our marriage and although we got off easy the first years, we now have quite the floral arrangement!

And each rose given was received with anniversary wishes for us! What a blessing, my friends, almost 39 times over (a few more left to give tomorrow)!
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mnc_91 wrote: umm, the secret of a happy sweet colorful life together ... count your roses, Mr. Mindy :-) Thank you for the share. Mine, are roses on my birthday, one rose per year... but i love your twist.. giving them away instead of letting them dry in a vase :-)
Kaige wrote: Mindy, YOU are the gift that keeps on giving.
brindlegirl wrote: 39 years blessed you both are xox
leoladyc728 wrote: such a lovely tradition you and hubby have
splain wrote: Great idea Mindy
Melnotes wrote: How beautiful! Wow imagine when there is 50 roses to give away :)
mdeese_99 wrote: Wonderful idea!
mish wrote: Totally beauty-full, as are you both, dear twinnie 💕
DANCE wrote: wow, always so generous and kind
kjoyw wrote: Mindy, this is one of the most beautiful traditions I have ever heard of! How very special. We just make sure that we spend most of the day together and have a very special dinner, either out or in, and we often take a trip as we did this year.

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