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Today's Opportunity For Kindness

--by lewski711, posted Aug 29, 2016
At the beginning of the month I had purchased some banana chips, sunflower seeds and trail mix for today's opportunity.

As I was leaving a mall parking lot, I saw a woman and her dog. She was holding a sign: "Need work." I asked if she would like my items.

She was genuinely pleased and when she saw the trail mix, she told me it was her favorite.

Wished I'd had some dog food.

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splain wrote: Thank you so much for helping her. We are so for her dog makes my heart melt
leoladyc728 wrote: I am so happy the woman has her dog . She must be having some hard times in her life right now.
laughingsoul wrote: This picture is amazing, it helps my whole being breathe kindness, thank you for sharing! Strangely the last couple of years the sparrows dissapeared from my city.. I rarely see more than a couple great to see so many of them here. The woman and the dog seems so happy comforting each other, such a touching heaart warming share, thank you!
horsegirl21 wrote: wonderful generous heart you have :)
kjoyw wrote: Wonderful kindness!

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