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Good Bye North Face!

--by kiwicat, posted Jul 1, 2016
This is an unfolding story. I once came across bedding all folded up behind the swimming pools where I walk my dog Roux. I wondered at the time who was sleeping there and why, what had happened in their life that this is how they had to live. 

I then saw a young woman walking away from the area when I was walking. I was surprised and wondered if she was the person sleeping rough. I saw her again the next day, walking towards that area of the park. Roux the ice breaker, ran up to her for a pat, and she smiled and she is young, mid teens?

I asked her if she was sleeping there and she looked embarrassed and said "no" and I didn't believe her. It was winter at the time. She had a T-shirt on and a small rucksack and looked cold.

I thought of Mindy (A KindSpring Member)  Oh well I thought and took my lovely North Face 'wind wall' jacket off and gave it to her. I'm not as big hearted as Mindy, because I hesitated, its a nice jacket, a rather expensive nice jacket, and warm and wind proof. I emptied the pockets of all my bits and pieces and handed it over to her. She had tears in her eyes, and thanked me and put it on. "Oh, it's still warm" she said. It wasn't an easy give. I wished that was the day I had worn my $25 dog walking jacket!! But her needs were greater than mine. 
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Kristin wrote: Your honesty is refreshing, and that much more inspiring because of it! I always tend to think that if you hesitate it doesn't mean as much but this story changes my perspective! And i guarantee that for that poor girl it was worth more than money could ever buy! I think you chose that north face for a good reason and some would call it fate. 😊
nana Ama wrote: God bless u
LL wrote: I am so grateful to have seen your story - your act of kindness was of course, wonderful, but so too, was your honesty - it is sometimes so hard to give, even when we know we are being called to do so. Thank you for all that this story brings to all who are touched by it.
ImaginesPeace wrote: You did a wonderful thing. You inspire me. :)
suse15 wrote: You gave purely, deliberately and a life is better because of your graciousness and obedience. Wow! Great give!
leoladyc728 wrote: Oh, that was so generous of you. I know that girl will be warm and feel protected from the cold.
RoseMarie wrote: How kind Kiwi, you will be blessed a thousand time for this kindness and as others have said, you gave. Thank you as Splain has said, her parents would be soooo grateful. Thank you. X 💓
pyronik wrote: that's so generous of you. the fact that it was hard makes it such a great gift, & yes, her need does sound greater.
splain wrote: Oh I so love what you did. It makes me teary. Her parents would be so grateful for you doing this beautiful act of kindness. yes we often are in the position of giving what we really love. Hard but you did it. So proud of you
Novice50 wrote: This is one of the most touching stories I have read. Your kindness is becoming legendary - Wow! Thank you for sharing.

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