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The Girl Student Sitting at the Back of the Classroom

--by 1136985160, posted Jun 30, 2016
I still will never forget a girl student sitting at the back of the classroom. Having failed the college entrance exams and changed schools two times, she couldn’t smile naturally. Every day she would sit at the desk, staring into textbooks and exercises, motionless and heavy-hearted. The desperate loneliness she radiated almost stopped me from teaching. Of course, she had no friends in this fiercely competitive class. Every time I stepped into the classroom, I welcomed everyone. Of course, when I said something to her casually, she reluctantly answered with a stiff, shaky, and sheepish smile.

Life is harder for senior students. Hardly does a day go by without endless exercises or tests. Every time when the scores came out, her score wouldn't be the first or second but last. Dark clouds always flashed in her eyes. When I invited her to the teacher's office, we never talked about studies or scores but I would make some jokes casually instead. She never replied. Her gaze wandered over the office, staring out of the window. Slowly she felt a bit relieved.

One day the exam results came out and she did pass! When I quietly walked into the classroom, she was still sitting at the back of the classroom. Since then she had never been heard from again. Two days before the Spring Festival Eve, I was shopping in a supermarket. When I came to the checkout, an excited voice came into my ear: "Hello, Mr. Deng." I looked up and there she stood, working part-time during her college holidays. From her happy face, I could see she was busy and happy. “Mr Deng, you helped me get through my darkest time. I know what you did every day at that time. Thank you.” 

Gone were her sad expressions and a sunshine face threw light on every customer. In that instant, I realized how important it is to give a bit of care to those in need every day. You may never know how much each gesture or word may mean to someone else. I treasure that experience. 
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Dennis826 wrote: You were her light during a very dark time in her life. Thank you for helping her.
Satwinder wrote: Very touching, indeed.
maria_clara wrote: Better to try and reach out for those who seem in need, even if they do not seem to act back the same than to never try. A teacher may lose his/her time, but most of the times it all pays off greatly. Wonderful story. God bless!
cathleenchesnut wrote: I am always amazed at the impact of small kindness'. Thank you!
cabbage wrote: Beautiful story---thank you for being there for her, and thank you for the reminder.
splain wrote: I so love this story. you gave her some really time and that act of understanding and kindness really made a difference to her. How lovely to run into her down the track and she could tell you how much she appreciated what you did. Beautiful and touching. post
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for posting your kindness and support of such a dear student!
mish wrote: The power of caring and sharing kindness.
speedyfrade wrote: So lovely
pyronik wrote: so true

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