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Strawberry Muffin Kindness

--by mnc_91, posted Jul 9, 2016
I dropped by 7-eleven on my way home to get myself something for dinner. Just outside the door of the store was a young boy in shabby clothing. When I arrived I was surprised when he opened the door for me. So as a token of appreciation I gave him one of the two muffins (strawberry and chocolate flavored) I bought. Yes strawberry muffin is my favorite but I love it even more when I am able to give away something that I love.
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Nee wrote: The ultimate sacrifice! Oh yasssss. I love it ;-) blessings! Lovingkindness! 100%
AnnC wrote: That was a very kind gesture and I am sure the boy appreciated it.
kjoyw wrote: Giving away something that you truly love is pure kindness.
mish wrote: Sweet kindness there 💖
mdeese_99 wrote: Nice, I'll bet that boy was smiling!
splain wrote: Nice one
leoladyc728 wrote: good of you to give him the muffin. I am sure he enjoyed it.

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