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Birthday Kindness

--by alisamom, posted Aug 1, 2016
It was not as stressful as I thought it would be but it was hard and I needed one extra day: I did 44 acts of kindness in June - my birth month - one for every year of my life. I think that'll become my new birthday least for a few years ;)
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RoseMarie wrote: Well done on your kindness challenge on your birthday alisamom. I am sure this was very rewarding for you. Very considerate to do this. Sorry i missed your birthday, late birthday wishes from northern ireland xxxx 💓 💓 💓
mish wrote: You so inspire!!!! Incredible. 👍
AnnC wrote: Wow! That is wonderful.
mdeese_99 wrote: Great idea!
verityngnosis wrote: Well done. Happy late birthday.
mindyjourney wrote: Wonderful way to celebrate the gift of life, my friend :))). Well done and looking foward to the 100 plus bday kind acts for you in future :)).
kiwicat wrote: Well done!
splain wrote: A big late Happy Birthday to you.
mnc_91 wrote: I'm inspired :-)
leoladyc728 wrote: so great that you were able to complete it

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