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"Walking In His Shoes"

--by AndiCas, posted Jul 10, 2016
I noticed that one of our long term volunteers only ever wore rubber Wellington boots, even now that summer has hit us. A bit of investigation revealed that the only other footwear he had was a pair of Crocs which rubbed his feet. I was able to come up with a pair of my son's grown out of but still in good condition walking boots for him. The result was one happy man and a happy me for less clutter in my house. 
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RoseMarie wrote: You literally helped him get on his feet. Those volunteers are well looked after dear andrea. X 💓
splain wrote: Nice give
Mish wrote: Now that's what I call a happy win/win! :)). Well done.
Marleen wrote: Win/win.. He must feel so happy now!
scushman wrote: win win, yea!
mnc_91 wrote: Bootiful kindness :-)
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for noticing and giving :)))
leoladyc728 wrote: wonderful. now this man has some shoes to walk around in.

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