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Thankfulness Chocolates

--by VM, posted May 26, 2006
We recently bought some furniture from a shop, and they really worked hard to make sure it reached us within 2 days. So I just thought I’d buy a box of chocolates for the salesman, who really did a good job on selling us on it.

I walked into the store, and Daniel sees me, and I can tell, there's a little bit of apprehension in the air, as I’m guessing that most customers go back to complain. He says "Hello, Sir! How are you doing?" And I'm holding the chocolates in front of me, and so I tell him, "Good. I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful furniture, and working with us to make it happen. Our whole family loves it, we've even taken pictures and sent them to other family and they love it too. Thanks for going the extra mile for us! These chocolates are for you."

And he had on this big, big smile, and shook my hand and said "Thank you sir!!"

It may be one of the rare times that someone actually appreciates the work they do as humans, and not just a salesperson.

We spend so much of our time at work, and if we don’t see that to be a part of our expression in life, well that’s just such a limitation. So I’m hoping that that small gesture plays a role in his journey.

On a personal level, as I drove home, it became clear to me how giving is such a natural and rewarding-in-and-of-itself thing to do.
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Rajni wrote: You did a wonderful job. Appreciation is the fuel that help improve services.
rocket_dad wrote: Wonderful gesture of appreciation :)
Rosh1227 wrote: Wow. Never thought of giving thanks to a salesman! Awesome idea!
thaata wrote: The unexpected appreciation and gift of chacolates enhanced the happiness. You were being human and built love and confidence in another to do wonderful things in future.
Sydney wrote: What an awesome thing to do! It's a great way to thank people who probably get yelled at often. I used to work as a children's party host in a bowling alley and once a parent came back the next day with flowers to say thank you. I absolutely loved it!
Cindy wrote: Excellent! I work in retail; when I am given a compliment or a small gift from a grateful client that gesture always brightens my day!

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