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Dog-Gone Fun Movie

--by kperrine, posted Jul 19, 2016

Last evening we went to see "The Secret Life of Pets" at our local community vintage movie theater. All seats $7.00 all the time! We worked so hard all weekend and wanted some fun, so we decided to see this new Disney animated movie. We laughed so hard and the animals reminded us of our pack!

There were 2 young girls behind us in line with their cash in hand. They were talking about splitting a soda and popcorn. Well, we could not have that! We purchased their movie tickets and gave them each $5.00 and told them to enjoy snacks on us. They told us they earned the money helping their mom's clean. They smiled and said "Thank you" with such sweetness.

We're going to make this a monthly date and give back at this small 1-room movie theater. Wonderful experience!

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KindMyst wrote: Kperrine, that is such a sweet thing you did treating those girls to the movies and to their own snacks.
mish wrote: How sweetly wonderful and how you and your husband too!! 💖
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for sharing the movie kindness !!! Can't wait to see it as well :))
RoseMarie wrote: A kindness which thy will always remember. Thank you to you both. It lok a fun movie. X 💓
splain wrote: So made their day
horsegirl21 wrote: nice kind act.
leoladyc728 wrote: I want to see this movie too. Thank you for your kindness to those girls.

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