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Let Someone Know You Are There

--by MakeSomeoneSmile, posted Mar 13, 2009

My son’s kindergarten class did a performance yesterday for the parents and rest of the school. It was great but one particular thing made me think a little more about life in general. I was in the back videotaping it since my wife could not attend. About 10 minutes into the program, I could see the change at the exact moment my son saw that I was there. He was doing great and being a wonderful participant before that moment, but I could tell how seeing me there made such a difference and meant so much to him. His smile, wave, and frequent “thumbs up” directed to me, made me laugh as I was able to relive them over and over later.

It made me think. Sometimes just letting someone know you are there for them can make all the difference. They may not call on you or ask anything of you, but you never know how much just being there can mean the world to them. Really see who is there and how you might be there for them.

Surely there is someone you can let “see you” today. Child or adult, it often can get us through some of the toughest times. You never know how much it can mean to someone else!

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princessliz wrote: Really good to hear, I can almost picture him with the biggest smile :)
vidhya bhat wrote: Makes one smile even reading this;-) a wise verse well said, thx for sharing!
mommakat wrote: Very nice story. I agree with you that it is so important to let those we love that we're there for them even if they don't ask us to.
vinod wrote: If someone is there ,means a step of success is easy. As for every success someone is always behind he/she. Thanks for the post.
bharnig wrote: Simply amazing and thoughtful. Thanks for sharing :)
pawan rajpurohit wrote: Yes, it gives immense pleasure and boosts confidence of the person, when he/she see that someone is much concerned about him/her. Someone is there who cares. Thanks for the post.
sethi wrote: You are very true. It makes a world of difference. It shows your commitment to that person and the morale of the person goes sky high. Thanks for the post.
irongrace wrote: You're right. Just being there and to know someone cares enough to be there.
sheila51 wrote: Even if you hadn't captured it on video, just being there will be something captured in his memory for a lifetime. ( . And yours also) :)
Amaresh wrote: Sounds good and simple best!

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