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Another life saved

--by mizoneko7, posted Aug 14, 2016
A few weeks ago, while I was going home from work, I saw an old dog laying on the side of the road. I got closer to see why he would be there and felt shocked when I saw he was not able to move his hind legs. Some people who live nearby told me that he was hit by a motorcycle and the driver pushed him there. I went daily to give him food and water, also got a plank to cover him from the heavy sun. I heard on the news about the awful weather for that weekend and decided to bring him home with some help from my father. Called some vets to help him with his legs, since he was not able to stand on four and dragged the hinds.

After some painkillers and sheltered home with love and food, he is now able to walk with a little difficulty and he even runs around now. He is so adorable and even though I have three other dogs and two cats, I made some space in my home and my heart. I feel so happy and joyful when I see his eyes. I love animals and these 6 hairy babies are the most special things ever :)
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maere Forbes wrote: You shine beauty from your heart

Thank you
Patrice wrote: That story's ending made my heart smile.
gambri12 wrote: That is so adorable! I have also rescued dogs from horrible circumstances and the reward when they are finally "better" is very heartwarming! I am so happy to hear that this special puppy found his forever home! Thank you for being so kind and compassionate!
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for your rescue :)))). what a blessing YOU are to all of your dear furry companions!
alisamom wrote: you have such a great heart, thank you for rescuing that dog. you are a hero! :)))))))
Mish wrote: How wonderful!!!!!! Bless you and all your fur babies . This rescue Senior will love you so!!! Beautiful kindness ❤️🐶❤️
gloriousday wrote: What a huge heart you have! Thank you for saving this blessed creature.
horsegirl21 wrote: beautiful that you were able to save that injured dog, may you share many good moments with him :)
kjoyw wrote: What a wonderfully kind thing for you to do! An open heart, leads to many things. Bless you for being so compassionate to this dear animal.
RoseMarie wrote: So compassionate of you x 💓

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