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Calling people by their name

--by cindylbentz, posted Aug 13, 2016
I have a been going out of my way to call people by their names, especially people who serve me in drive-thrus  and in stores, those type of situations. Faces seem to light up when I do this, so I am thinking it must be more important than I imagined. Our busy world can be so harsh, real recognition is welcome. I know the smiles received in return are a gift to myself and perhaps a day made a tad easier for all.
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sandyremillar wrote: I do the same! Big difference in people's lives.
ekhosch wrote: How very thoughtful! My name it difficult to pronounce, so when someone gets it right i tell them "you can go home early. You got my name right! " and then we both laugh. This has served me well especially in difficult situations like doctors' offices. Keep up the good work. It is appreciated.
scushman wrote: What a wonderful idea. I am going to do that more. Thanks for the inspiration! Namaste _/|\_ ∞ ૐღ☪✝✡☯☮☸
mindyjourney wrote: that's a wonderful way to encourage a connect :))). to use someone's name is to validate that we "see" them :))). thank you!
debmeron wrote: I love this... try to do it too... it is said that the very best word to anyone's ears is his/her own name... wish names were included along with the nicknames on KS... I always wonder about people's names and so often ask... and sign with...Debbie from NJ, USA (& Israel) keep up what you do... it's a great idea... I'll try now to do it more often myself...
mish wrote: Yes, it makes a person feel truly "seen" ❤️
kjoyw wrote: People always love this. I know I do!
RoseMarie wrote: Yesm I love to look at name badges too and yes we all love to be referred to by our names. Thank yiu for the reminder. X 💓
lt33 wrote: I've been doing this too when I go shopping and see they have name tags on our if they tell me their name if I need any help I made sure I let her know when I check out I'll give them your name so you get the commission for the sale one girl was so happy aww thank u
DANCE wrote: keep at it, it's a wonderful thing. I now try always to leave kind little notes just before I leave :-)

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