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Thank You For Caring When No One Else Did

--by kiwicat, posted Aug 21, 2016
My friend who I caught up with last night shared this story with me:

My friend lived in an apartment that overlooked a busy street in sn inner city. On Christmas Eve, from her window she saw a woman, alone, upset and in distress. She went out and down to the street and asked if she was okay.

My friend could see that all was not well. She invited the woman into her apartment, and the woman asked if she could shower. My friend said she could, gave her a fresh towel, and clean pajamas to wear. The woman showered.  About an hour later, she emerged. She said she was alone in the city and had nowhere to stay. My friend said that she could stay on the couch for the night. My friend felt that being late on Christmas Eve, it would be impossible to get social agency assistance, and it is also the beginning of our term break and it would be difficult to get anyone to help. She stayed the night.

In the morning, my friend wrapped a small gift for this woman, wishing her Merry Christmas. She also gave her breakfast, washed and dried her clothes she arrived in and tried to help her plan her next steps. The woman said that she had thought of somewhere to go to, thanked my friend and left.

A few months later my friend got a phone call from the woman. She was in residential care, and getting help for mental illness and with medication was feeling better. She thanked my friend for caring about her when it seemed no one else in the world did. This is why I love my friend.
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elizabeth wrote: What a wonderful story. I pray that each of these ladies have been blessed beyond words.
breezuschrist wrote: What a wonderful story! Your friend sound like a wonderful person!
elizabeth wrote: What a beautiful story. God opened the door for each lady. I was truly touched and there should be more people like this in our world. God bless each of them.
elizabeth wrote: I have submitted twice already.
Elysia Dayne C. Grande wrote: I like the story i remember me and my friend i didnt even know this was posted at august 21 2016
alisamom wrote: What a great kindness of your friends to help this woman in need. She'll remember that for the rest of her life.
RoseMarie wrote: Beautiful share kiwi. Thank you. X 💓
scushman wrote: wonderful story! TY!
kjoyw wrote: Wonderful share!
balou wrote: What a beautifuk soul your friend has!

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