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My Little Brother Rocks!

--by mdeese_99, posted
I called my younger brother today. He lives south of Boston while I live in southern Mexico. How wonderful it was to reconnect with him after several months! I am five years older but we are very close, heart and soul wise. I feel so blessed that I can call him for 'free' with the cell phone plans now available (and cheap!) here in Mexico. We had a wonderful, hour-long conversation catching up on how our children are succeeding and sharing our lives as grandparents. Thank you to all my KS friends for keeping me focused on all the good still out there.
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kjoyw wrote: So much more good than not, it's just that the goodness doesn't get the attention it deserves. Some really good stories would be so welcome now.
cindylbentz wrote: Wonderful!! My heart was flooded with gladness cos you contacted him and it did not cost too much ( bonus!!) and now perhaps you can connect more!
splain wrote: keep that in mind. So much goodness out there as Kate says
scushman wrote: wonderful!
mnc_91 wrote: Such a brotherly love! Awesome :-)
leoladyc728 wrote: so great you got to talk to your brother.
DANCE wrote: Precious conversations

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