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Learning to Notice People In Need

--by laurie1, posted Mar 9, 2009

I live in suburbia and have 13 and 15 year old children.  Every now and then, a homeless person will stand near the entrance to one of the many trendy shopping centers and hold up a "Will Work for Food" sign, or something similar.

Every time we see one, I always turn into the nearest drive-through restaurant and buy a meal with a large cup of coffee.  I then go back to where the person is standing and drop off the food with a small amount of cash.  The response is always gracious and thankful.  I never say anything to my children while doing this, as I don't want them to turn off due to any perceived 'preaching' (believe me, they hear it from me enough!).

We are always hurrying somewhere, but it takes only 5 minutes and the impact it has on my teens is well worth taking the time.  They have learned first not to ignore these people in need and second, that even a small act can make a difference.

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Raqui wrote: I agree. I am very wary living in the city to give someone money but if someone says they just want something to eat I try to get something for them if I have enough to spare. I think your children have learned so much HUGS Raqui
tressyanne wrote: way to go! your kids are watching your every move. you do wonderful things, they will do wonderful things.
:) smiles to you.
Tigerlily wrote: That is so great. Bless you.

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