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Sharing a Mother's Pain

--by happytogive, posted Feb 26, 2009

When I was a young girl, my mother and father divorced which devastated our finances.  My mother accepted food from an uncle that worked at a seafood packing plant that offered torn and shredded food for free as they could not sell it.  We ate a LOT of seafood.  I remember times when my mother would be in such despair trying to spread what little cash she had over the need for groceries to feed us and to this day it pains me to see others in that condition.

One day this winter, I dropped into a store to buy a last minute item.  It was not my regular store, but it was the one I chose.  I think it was chosen for me.  Times this winter were very hard on us with the construction industry being so slow, but I felt compelled to do something about the woman and her two sons ahead of me in line.  She ran out of cash and had to put some things back in order to be able to pay for her order.  Watching this play out was painful, very painful.

When she was done, the clerk rang up my order and I asked to add a gift card onto my order.  The clerk didn't have the amount I asked for and had to search for it.  I was stressed thinking that I wouldn't have time to find the lady in the parking lot if it took much more time to get the gift card I wanted to buy. 

Another couple of minutes passed and finally the clerk completed my order.  I paid for it and was on my way out the door.  The money I used was what I had extra at the time and thought for a moment that I might be creating a hardship for myself.  I was overwhelmed by the feeling that I needed to do this anyway.   Frantically, I looked for her and her sons. I walked up to the car door as she just put it in gear to pull out.  She rolled down her window and I handed her the card saying, "Please, go home and watch the movie Pay it Forward."

I quickly walked away, got in my car and sobbed deeply.  I was so thankful for the opportunity to do that and asked for more opportunities to do more of the same.  It's what I want to do!  Now if I can figure out how to make more money, I can do that all day long -- I will be the happiest person on the planet!   

Thank you for watching for opportunities to make a difference in our world!  Sharing this story may negate this one good deed, but I hope to inspire others to do more of the same.

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Donna wrote: I love the movie "pay it forward". "practicing random acts of kindness".

Good for you for helping out that lady and her children.
Mary wrote: Next time do it with more privacy. You will feel a thousand times better.

Thank you dear heart,
sethi wrote: Thank you for who you are , and helping your mother and the stranger.
grandmadee2003 wrote: I was just telling my friend last week that it seems sometimes that those have the least give the most. Your compassion is amazing. You could have just said "forget it" when the cashier needed some time and you needed the time to find the lady. But you did the right thing.
MOOChIE wrote: Hayy! Well. My name is moochie & im a person coming from the streets and i know how it feels to be in that kind of situation, i'm very proud of what good deed you have done. There isn't alot of people out there willing to do that. Im only 13. But i know exactly how it is to be in the kind of situation that mother & her kids were in. Putting food back because they didnt have enough money. Well i still am in that situation. I'm glad i came across this & read it while i am searchin on the web here at school. I bet that mother was very happy. You made us people think that there is hope in this world. A lil act of kindness is all we need:]

Thank you for bein a light unto this world:)
You're greatly-appreciated, not only to that family but to those who've read this:)
helpinghand wrote: Your story has touched my heart.Thanks for sharing this inspiring story.

Sanyogita wrote: Hi. Thanks a lot for helping the mother. U did fantastic job. Ur story is really inpiring n touching our souls. Hope me too do such kind of act.

Thanks a lot.
Sanyogita wrote: Hi. Thanks a lot for helping the mother. U did fantastic job. Ur story is really inpiring n touching our souls. Hope me too do such kind of act.

Thanks a lot.
sheila wrote: Thanks for sharing. Very touching. Makes me want to go out and find someone who needs help. Stories posted have made me more aware & now i find myself looking to see who i can help. People like you inspire! Thanks.
hotcocoa wrote: Really nice story :)
Sometimes we give others what we didn't have for the love, the unexplainable love.

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