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An Elderly Lady Fell and Dialed The Wrong Number.

--by Sanssouci, posted Sep 11, 2016
An elderly lady fell down. She tried to call her daughter to come help her back up, but she dialed the wrong number. She ended up on the phone with a car salesman, who left work to go to her house, help her up, and contact her family. 

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RoseMarie wrote: Heard this a while ago, great to hear it again though. What a good guy. X
Mish wrote: Bless him! ❤️
pyronik wrote: I have seen this shared a lot, only a few miles from where I live. I saw it first on facebook, then one of the newspapers got hold of it. Happy to see good news being shared :-)
scushman wrote: lovely man!
mindyjourney wrote: Yes! this is good news :)))
splain wrote: Isn't he such a delightful human being. The comment," that Anyone would do that" shows what sort of man he is, wonderful , kind and caring. I would buy a car off him:)))))
kjoyw wrote: Love good, heart-warming stories like this!
horsegirl21 wrote: what a great person.
leoladyc728 wrote: that man was a blessing

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