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From Wimp to Warrioress

--by Mish, posted Sep 19, 2016
Dog Kindness ❤️🐶

Saw a dog tied up outside the diner we had breakfast in this morning. He was laying in the sun, panting. I told my friend I wanted to go back inside and find out who the dog belonged to and suggest they provide water , at the least. I was hesitant about doing...shy about it I guess. Put my shyness aside and marched in there , lol. Had no trouble finding the owners and led him over to the gal at the take-out counter and requested water for the dog. I watched his owner giving the happy dog the water as we drove away. Motivated by my love for animals I went from wimp to Warrioress rather quickly. It made me smile 😋

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Readers Comments

Painiacs wrote: Yes! The poor baby couldn't speak up!
mindyjourney wrote: yay! My lioness of animal kindness! Well done!!
RoseMarie wrote: You is no wimp, defo a wariroress, see you made that word up - sounds a bit a big protective lioness. Is this another word I now have for you Mischievous, breathy, Google warrioress Mish, when does it end. 😉
Novice50 wrote: no wimp at all :)
scushman wrote: AWESOME!!!!
love2day wrote: I'm sure it could have been awkward to do what you did, but you certainly helped an animal in need : ) Interesting to note that all carnivores cool themselves off by panting, they don't sweat. Only herbivores sweat to cool themselves off : )
leoladyc728 wrote: so great of you to do this. I would have done the same thing
mnc_91 wrote: Lovely warrioress :-)
kjoyw wrote: So, so great! We put water bowls outside the church for the dogs that many of our drop in guests have.

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