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The Peach Lady Of Marseilles

--by petroskryf, posted Feb 19, 2019
Today I was reminded again how kindness spreads her soft, lingering perfume across the globe. My husband and I are in Marseilles this week as part of our journey to Provence for my birthday. In this vibrant city which is a melting pot of hues, smells and sounds, I had a short and sweet encounter with one of the residents.

At a marketplace in town, I saw an unfamiliar peach variety that is not available in my country. I decided to buy only one peach to find out what it tastes like.
A Muslim woman, Feiza, who was also in the shop, then came forward and insisted on gifting me four of those strange, flat peaches!

Feiza's unexpected kindness was a magical moment in our day. While police walk around in crowded tourist spots to protect people against possible harm, a local women shared her genuine kindness, almost on the spur of the moment, to built trust and bridges between people.

Feiza, I my never see you again, but I will never forget you or that soft, plump peaches with the rosy cheeks.

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Paul wrote: Love and kindness know no boundaries.
cheyanneyb26 wrote: Im happy i found this website i've always liked being kind to people and helping so thx to the people who let me in. 😁
sandyremillar wrote: Lovely memories of kindness.
DANCE wrote: something so simple yet so special
Mish wrote: What a wonderful birthday trip! Kindness people everywhere...glad you came upon one, Petro. Enjoy those juicy peaches and the rest of your trip. Big hugs.
RoseMarie wrote: Feiza will be repaid a million times over with the blessings you bestow upon her every time you think of her kindness. Funny thing I just bought those flat peaches yesterday in Northern Ireland, haven't tasted yet. I will think of you and Feiza when I eat, that will surely make them taste even sweeter. X 💓
splain wrote: Now that is the sort of connection that will make a big difference . What a great birthday present. Enjoy your holiday. yum with the peaches.
mindyjourney wrote: And to Feiza, we will remember her in our prayers and kind thoughts, my friend <3. Blessings to you and your husband as you travel <3.
gloriousday wrote: Kindness from strangers - who I suppose aren't really strangers after all - is the best!
leoladyc728 wrote: what a wonderful connection. Have a fabulous trip

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