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Birthday Acts of Kindness

--by starryskies, posted Sep 13, 2016
Today's my 35th birthday. Every year I do acts of kindness, one for every year I've been on Earth during this lifetime. This year I prepared 35 cards to pass out to people. They include a positive message, SMILE card, $5, and a request to use the money to do something kind for themselves, others, or the planet. I'll hand them out with a friend tonight. Fun! :) 
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sandyremillar wrote: Happy birthday and many blessings. Very kind idea!
Painiacs wrote: What a wonderful idea! I want to try to use that though i'm older so would take me awhile to do them all but just makes the birthday feeling last longer! Happy birthday to you! ! :)
tiffany schettle wrote: Thanks! Peace and love to all <3
mclaughlinmediat wrote: Happy birthday! What an awesome thing to do.
melnotes wrote: Happy birthday and love this idea! Way to go 🎉
anama0895 wrote: Happy Birthday! Your story is very inspiring and worth replicating!!! Thank you.
starryskies wrote: Thanks everyone!!! Love and Blessings :) ♡
DANCE wrote: wonderful raks
mnc_91 wrote: Happy 35th year of kindness :-)
splain wrote: Happy birthday and what a beautiful idea. Love it

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