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Small Donations Add Up

--by myfbil, posted Mar 12, 2009

My husband belongs to an organization that meets monthly. For years I have been sending in refreshments for their meetings. They put out a donation can and the monies collected go into their treasury. They have raised hundreds of dollars to use toward projects just by this simple act - one which is also a selfish act because I love to bake! Sometimes what brings others pleasure can also bring us pleasure in so many ways.

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myfbil wrote: Thank you all for your wonderful feedback. This reminds me to start posting again!
Sanyogita wrote: Thats simply lovely. Ur benefitted in all possible ways.
myfbil wrote: Zahra, i'm sorry you didn't like this story. It happens to be true and your comment cannot take away the good that has come from it. This site is all about kindness. I will say a prayer for you and ask that you become a kinder person. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
AURELIA wrote: What a super idea!!! You are such a sweetie for making a nice homemade treat for them each month! That is neat how they have a donation can and use it to help others :0) I'm glad you turned your love for baking into a "Sweet Deal" ~Aurelia
myfbil wrote: Thanks, hon. Have a sunshine day! :)
JuneBug wrote: You will surely be rewarded for your love of baking...You make me want to get in the kitchen! Thanks! :)
bhappy wrote: Homemade treats are the Bests!! You are one Very Special Cookie!!!! Have A sunshine Day..Becki
myfbil wrote: So go! Hahaha Have fun.
myfbil wrote: thank you Becki. Bless you.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is very kind of you, thanks for caring!

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