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Hats For The Homeless

--by Mish, posted Aug 25, 2016
A true kindness soul! ❤️Bless this man.

 A 91-year-old man fighting cancer is knitting warm hats for the homeless while bedridden in hospice care. Despite being weak and frail, with a mass on his kidney, Morrie Boogart, has knitted more than 18,000 hats.

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123ABCD wrote: Wow. Love this story. Wish more people were like that
moonwalk wrote: How inspiring to see such a selfless soul.
Aimee wrote: I am speechless. He is an aspiration. I pray to be so full of abundance. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful demonstration of love.
Merryami wrote: I can imagine all the energy in one of his hats. Would love to own one!
Erle-Philip wrote: Morrie i love you 🌈🌇🌅🍻🐬🍀
Daria Benson wrote:
Awesomeness! Go morrie! ! Love & light,,,🌈🌻❣
keeseekayla wrote: Absolutely love this story! True kindness in the best form! <3
kiwicat wrote: I read this too, isn't he amazing?
splain wrote: If a person can get to the end of their life and do this, what must have they achieved in the years before. What an amazing man.
RoseMarie wrote: What an amazing man. Thank you for sharing. X 💓 unreal x 💓

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