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The Taxi Driver

--by DANCE, posted Sep 7, 2016
When I got on the taxi I had booked this morning I noticed it was the same gentleman that had taken me back home last week. I remembered what we'd talked about so I spoke to him. He was surprised and said he thought sometimes that no one cared.

He said he'd started swimming and was happy to have lost weight, he does it every morning before starting work. We got talking, told him that swimming was a great activity and mentioned the effect of exercise in our brains too. He said he knew it was good for depression and so .... (we are all fighting our own battles, sometimes in silence) I was glad I'd spoken to him.

Sharing, important, we all need it some time or other. He wished me a good day so many times when he dropped me back that he made laugh, we were both happier :-)
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Rajni wrote: Grab opportunity to turn it aroung is appreciated.
debmeron wrote: Wow!
leoladyc728 wrote: so glad you remembered him. I love when that happens.
RoseMarie wrote: People love when you notice them, good work on your part. X 💓
Novice50 wrote: You acted out of true kindness and compassion- there is no greater gift than being seen by another!
Mish wrote: Love these heart to heart connections we make with people who cross our paths
pyronik wrote: yes, just showing that you paid attention is a great gift. Glad you were both happier :-)
patjos wrote: Lovely, thank you.
splain wrote: Just such a nice connection and it does make a difference to how your day starts
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for making the connection and enjoying the smiles :)))).

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