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The Frail Elderly Lady On The Other Side Of The Door

--by TC, posted Aug 22, 2016
I instruct an exercise class at a retirement home every Tuesday afternoon. There is one resident who is no longer able to attend the class because she is becoming so frail. She has had several falls. We have had an agreement between us that I would still knock on her door to invite her to class but instead of an invite I give what she calls a 'wee cuddle'. I have been doing this since about March.

Today there was a sign on her door saying she had a fall and was unable to use her walker and must use a wheelchair. I did not knock because she often is napping at the time I make my rounds to gather up folks for the class. After class she was just coming out of the elevator for the social hour. One whole side of her face is badly bruised, cuts around her eye from her glasses and a broken arm. I asked where I could touch her that would not hurt. Her answer was: "It will not hurt please hug me!"- and I did.

It seems like a small thing to give a hug every week. To her it is a big thing. At the end of life when so many are afraid to touch the elderly it humbles me to think that each week my stopping to hug someone could mean so much.
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Ranjeet Deshmukh wrote: Splendid. I am touched by the gift cum act of "vee hug ". Really one would not know what other person is missing in his/her life. I am twice as much thankful to you! Showing me art of living and changing my life for ever ,as i will add the habit to vee-hug ; thus help lessen the sorrow and helplessness feeling. I am always grateful to editor of kindness spring. Mam ammeta. For sharing featured kindness stories. It makes sense of life and purpose of living.
MeadowDweller wrote: Everyone (i hope) needs a big hug now and again.
Riona wrote: The stories on this site are always moving, but this one actually reduced me to tears. So simple - it's just your time and care that you give, tc. But it's the simple things that are the most precious, and the things we most often forget/make excuse to do. Thank you for sharing. Thank you.
Liz wrote: That's awesome. What a strong woman. These elderly are often neglected, and deserve so much better than what they get. Ppl tend to forget that the elderly are amazing, lived through tough times, and were probably more kick-butt than they could ever wish to be. The elderly have paved the way for the rest of us and deserve the utmost respect and love! Thank you for being this woman's hug that she needs. You're a wonderful person!
verityngnosis wrote: It really means so much. A couple of years before my mom passed away, she fell in church and broke her some. For a while , she was afraid to go for walks because she was scared she may fall again and break something else. It always ment so much to her when my niece or I or or another visited came to talk to her other just give her a hug. Please keep giving her those hugs.
verityngnosis wrote: That is broke her arm.
mindyjourney wrote: ((((TC))))) thank you <3.
Mish wrote: Your "wee cuddles" are a precious gift and mean the world to her. You are sharing love. How beautiful TC ❤️
KiwiCat wrote: that is lovely, hugs mean such a lot to some people :-)
gloriousday wrote: Bless you for such kindheartedness! Touch is so healing!

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