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He Was There For Her When No One Else Was

--by rnteach, posted Sep 23, 2016
I have never had a birthday party before, so at this "ripe-old" age, I decided to throw one for myself. Approximately 20 people confirmed that they were coming. I don't have a lot of money but splurged in the $1 store to buy decorations, plates. I had a tiny budget in order to feed all of them.

I sat, I waited, I pondered, and, although all of my "friends" said they were coming, no one showed up! The celebration was supposed to start at 12 noon. Here it was, 4:00pm, and still, no one was here. The expensive cake was melting, the food on the BBQ was burnt beyond recognition. I tried, really hard, not to cry.

I decided to sit out back, reflect on the wonderful things that I did have, and read "Chicken Soup." All of a sudden, I heard a screech and a roar of an engine, just outside my front door. Mr. Kenny, apparently, did everything he could to show up. I cried, wept in his arms; I'm not worth anything! He brushed my tears, held me tight, and said the magical words: "I will ALWAYS be your friend! We were destined to meet each other!"

He had so many challenges and difficulties in the past couple weeks, as did I. However, sitting outside under a blanket of clear blue skies, laughing, talking, I felt that I was truly blessed! I think that my dad and brother sent him to me in my darkest hour, that when I wanted to give up on this mean world!

Yes, life can be beautiful, yes, there are some that love for over 50 years, but there are some of us that do not have those luxuries and look to those around them.

I don't know if Kenny realized that he saved my life last night. Just a kind act: taking time out of his very busy schedule, making me smile, and just warm, huge hugs! Sometimes that's all it takes!

Thank you, Ken, for saving my life, for the smiles, and making me look forward to tomorrow! aloha nui loa! 
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Janet Miller Wiseman wrote: How could your friends not show up? But, that the lord for mr. Kenny. He saved your day and now, all of ours! . Kindness is forever! Janet
whalesong7 wrote: Your sharing, though painful, was also welcome as it included me in the rest of the world. Similar to you i don't have any long-term relationships, estranged from family and not making friends easily. I have found a couple of places to connect and search for like-minded people but it seems hard for most to have time to spend with me. I try to look at it as my soul doing a different task than many others and sometimes that helps.
I look for small moments of delight and that helps more, having a visceral feeling of delight in the moment.

However hearing that there are others out there who find it hard to connect brings me a warm sense of inclusion. Thank you for sharing.
Painiacs wrote: Grateful for your friend mr kenny! What a friend! Glad he was there for you and will have great memories for many years.
Ayla wrote: Yes although belated
Happy birth day to you happy birth day to you happy birth day dearest soul happy birth day to youooooooooooooo. Hooray!
rnteach wrote: Ah, it was my first real birthday party, and I am pretty old!! Saved for everything, was so excited...I WILL NEVER celebrate my birthday again, but what I will do, is to continue on with my son's foundation...Bridging the Gap. We saved our money the whole year to throw parties, especially Christmas, to show sooo many that, as my son says, "we're cool, too!" Stories may be found @ Millbrae Patch online. Some titles are: Christmas Came Early...either Dave Colby or Coryne Wong wrote the pieces; I also have videos, etc. (You can also find "Teacher of the Year" @ Millbrae Patch online! ;) blessings to all...still continue to spread those SMILE cards! :) a whole new place, more "victims" to surprise! :)
rnteach wrote: DANCE: I don't know how to invite all of you! ;)
DANCE wrote: I'm glad it got better, must have been really sad for you at first, I can understand. If people knew how much pain they can 'cause'... Now, next year you invite us all and we'll be there hahahahaha :-)))
RoseMarie wrote: Happy birthday, everyone who didn't turn up didn't realise the cumulative effect of others not turning up, Mr Kenny he's a star x 💓
Mish wrote: He was your Angel that day...definitely Heaven sent.
lt33 wrote: Happy Birthday mteach 🎂🎁🎈💜😀🎂🎁🎈💜😀🎂🎁🎈💜😀 hope you week gets better for you full of sunshine 🌻🌈🌸 and more blue skies 🌅 hugs 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

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