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An Act of Kindness, Encouraged By My Wife

--by cyctw, posted Sep 28, 2016
There is a homeless man, by choice, that lives in our area; his name is Peter. Today, at the encouragement of my wonderful wife, Carol, I brought him up some cold water, homemade banana bread and homegrown tomatoes.

When I arrived to him, he was visiting with his nephew, who just happened to be bicycling by and he hadn't seen in a year and a half! The three of us had a nice chat and then I took Peter for some homemade mango and vanilla ice cream that was being sold nearby.

He struggled to transport his cart of belongings, as one wheel was broken. Carol and I decided to purchase him a new foldable cart. I am looking forward to finding a way to anonymously gift him the cart:).
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angelaross wrote: Sometimes its hard to stop and see homeless people - i live in the downtown and there are many homeless people here- its like they are invisible- it was so kind of you to give of your time and your resources.
mindyjourney wrote: Such a wonderful opportunity for you and Carol to be of help to this man :))). Thank you for kind heart and being aware of what man needs <3.
Rajni wrote: Very Good idea anonymously.
leoladyc728 wrote: great kindness you and your wife have shown Peter
splain wrote: Now that is exactly what Peter needs. Very kind and thoughtful of both of you
lt33 wrote: You gave your time to listen to Peter made him feel important + he'll enjoy that new cart well done my friend 😊😊👏
Mish wrote: You and your wife make our world a beautiful place. Blessed you both, cyctw.
DANCE wrote: He is a very lucky man
RoseMarie wrote: That is so lovely thank you x 💓

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