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Giving is receiving

--by mindyjourney, posted Sep 27, 2016
"You take debit, don't you?" the customer ahead of me in line at the thrift store asked, as her purchases were totaled.

Since it's a new location for "Hope's Attic" (don't you just love that name?), they hadn't gotten all the nuances of different payment methods sorted out yet.

The two women were together, and honestly, looked like they led challenging hard-working lives. Only had a few dollars cash between them.

"Do you mind if I pay the balance?" I inquired.

"Oh, no, that's okay...". "Please, I'd like to, if it's alright, with you..."

And then, we looked into each other's eyes, smiled and she agreed.

Had a small discussion about how giving is really like receiving; how sometimes we are the giver and sometimes the receiver.

Even the cashier got into the conversation, "That's about the nicest thing I've ever seen in here! And we see a lot of great stuff."

Gave everyone a Smile card and an origami Peace dove. We shared hugs and wished each other blessings.

I LOVE when I can be a conduit for peace and a loving, kinder connect :).

Truly, it is a gift to me <3. Blessed and grateful.

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youandme wrote: Thank you for spreading such love! Hugs!!!
savraj wrote: Yes! Being the giver is such a gift! Ohhh I love daisies!
kiwicat wrote: You really are an ambassador for kindness!
lt33 wrote: Awesome thing u did for those ladies Mindy 😉
leoladyc728 wrote: that was a really lovely thing to do. I know the hugs were heart felt
Marleen wrote: Wonderful!!
splain wrote: Giving is the best thing in the world , and add love to that. Thanks mindy for helping these ladies
RoseMarie wrote: Beautiful spontaneous kindness, Hope's Attic, what a fab name says a lot about the owner. Love the daisies too, lovely Mindy. X 💓
sandyremillar wrote: beautiful!!!
mish wrote: Now that was a truly special sharing for all present. 💕💕💕

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