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A Story Of Four Siblings Who Wanted to Go to School

--by ShanKhan, posted Sep 21, 2016
I usually get up late when I am home  because I work until midnight. A couple of days ago, my Mom told me that 4 kids had come early in the morning for the last 2 days  asking "Is Shan bro up?" and when she replied and asked if they had a message for me, they said "Nothing" and left.

I told  my mom if they come again then wake me up. The next day, they came again but a little later. Mom woke me up and this is how I met these sweet kids. They just said " We want to study in your school", I smiled and said, "Kids! I don't have any school, but I will enroll you in a good school".

I went to their home and met their father. He told me that his kids: (Aneela, Shahzad, Saad and Nawab) want to get to a standard school but he can't afford their educational expenses. He added that he works at  a vegetable mart early in the morning and hardly earns $4 to $5 a day by which he hardly covers home expenditures. He later expressed his feelings "I am ashamed that being a father I can't fulfill my children's wishes".

I told him that's what "The Shadow" is for. He looked at the sky, took a deep breath and smiled with tears in his eyes. I enrolled his kids in school. :) By the grace of Allah Almighty now they are school going children. 

The Shadow is an organization established by me, which provides lifetime educational support and skills training to street children, youth, religious institute's students and senior citizens of the society. I run it from my pocket money and with local community help.

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Denise wrote: Amazing work! Keep doing it!
saroj pathak wrote: You are doing the most important work any person can do. Please send me an email, i will love to help.
Marleen wrote: Respect!! Keep it up!! Girls get schooled too?
sandyremillar wrote: Bless you for your kindness that will ripple again and again....
leoladyc728 wrote: You are amazing. thank you for helping these children.May Allah bless you.
mish wrote: The Shadow sounds like your mission in life? Bless.
RoseMarie wrote: Great story and a fabulous organisation. X 💓
splain wrote: What an incredible and moving story. I love what you do. You are making a massive difference
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for providing a way for these children to gain the support they need to become happy, healthy and educated :))).
dandeliongirl wrote: wonderful story.

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