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Chalk in the Morning

--by gardengal10, posted
After yesterday's rain, the latest chalk kindness words on the front walk have washed away. I went out early this morning and wrote another. There is an older gentleman who lives in the multi-unit across the street. He is a school crossing guard. We've never talked. This is the second time that he has observed me writing just as he is leaving for his station. And the second time that we have chatted. Who knew that simple kindness words in chalk would have that outcome? 

Readers Comments

Tulip wrote: Nice, chalk art!
janfour wrote: chalk writing is a good way to post to the world....... i will buy some chalk today ;)
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for sharing your postives with chalk messages :)))). Reaching out with kindness opens the door in so many ways!
mish wrote: Kindness attracts people. Well done 👍
lt33 wrote: Aww wish I could see the pic what did ya write?😉
debmeron wrote: I think I even have some chalk in the garage from years ago when the kids were little... have to check...
RoseMarie wrote: Puts a whole new light on the phrase 'chalk and talk' x 💓
splain wrote: You chalkers are just everywhere. love it

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