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Returning Unconditional Love

--by TheakstonCat, posted Apr 9, 2009

I was thinking the other day, I had been very short tempered with my lovely partner, who didn't deserve it, just because I was stressed about something at work. 

I stomped about the house and eventually flounced out saying I was going to the library, without a backward glance or asking if there was anything I could pick up for my loved one. I suddenly realised that I had spent all day with virtual strangers (I am a Work Based Tutor and visit different companies daily ) to whom I had been polite, courteous, 'smiley' and generally a jovial person. I did not mention my work worries and nobody guessed I was feeling particularly stressed and unhappy  but, I managed to hurt the one person who deserved it least, the person who would have given me a hug and let me have a moan. 

On my way back from the library I began to feel guilty and anguished.  When I got home I gave my lovely partner a big hug and an apology.  In the future, I will try to treat him with the same respect I would give a colleague or a stranger.  I know we hurt the ones we love because we can. Because they will forgive us and accept us inspite of how we behave.  But, unconditional love should be returned - unconditionally!

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CS wrote: When reading this story i am moved. I still remember that i read it about 2 years ago. Most of us make the same mistakes. We treat our love one worse than the strangers. I feel so shameful but sometimes it's hard for me to coutrol myself. Now i have made up my mind to change myself and treat my parents, relatives and friends better. Thanks for sharing your story.
Sydney wrote: This is so true. I always try to remind myself of this. Thanks for posting this. It's a great reminder to do better for the ones we love.
mommakat wrote: That is something i think everyone is guilty of. I know i am guilty of it myself. Plus we know others (strangers included) really don't care about our problems and so it's easier to just put on a brave face and go about our business. Then as soon as we are in that place we call home we can take off our brave face and that's when we lash out at those we love. Thanks for sharing and reminding me that i need to think twice before i lash out or take out my bad day on my hubby (or children) again.
Veronika wrote: This story shows the right way to peace: finding within oneself the courage to admit that we need to compose ourselves and be gracious, friendly and compassionate to all people we meet and the good feeling will spread.
sethi wrote: Thank you for the lovely post. Needed that reminder for my loved ones.
grandmadee2003 wrote: My husband oftentimes puts up with my sour attitude. I know he is having a difficult time, works hard (even with health problems) so i try to remember to acknowledge how difficult things are for him. I try to tell him occasionally that he is my inspiration to keep on going (even though things are hard for both of us). Thanks for the reminder.
Alumay wrote: Your story really hit home for me. Thank you for sharing. I am ever so thoughtful with children who are in my care with my words and actions, but at times forget to do the same with my own child. Thanks for the reminder. : d
Eva Miranda wrote: Thanks for sharing your story. It makes me take a step back and evaluate how i treat my boyfriend and family. They are wonderful and that is what i need to express to them in my actions and words. Thank you!
Heart2Heart wrote: Oops! This really hit home. Thanks for the reminder. We hurt the ones we love the most.
Ashly wrote: Very true. I have understood it and will try to correct it. Thanks for sharing it with us:)

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