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Roadside Kindness

--by AndiCas, posted Oct 5, 2016
The morning started on a bit of a low note, but brightened considerably with a simple courtesy. Driving my son to his girlfriend's, we were following a pickup laden with firewood.

As we entered the village, he pulled over. I assumed it was his house so carried on past, and parked myself by the side of the road whilst son ran his errand. The road through this village is very narrow, room to turn only in a square at the end.

Just after I stopped, the same pick up pulled up behind me. The chap explained that he was about to unload his wood and would block the road beyond where I was.

Now he could have just left me to reverse out, but very patiently waited for me to drive all the way to end of the road to turn around before he started. Such a little gesture, but very welcome.

I repaid his kindness by helping him fling his firewood over the wall whilst I waited for my son. That was quite fun!
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Readers Comments

123ABCD wrote: So happy you were able to pay him back. Little things like that make a big difference! Just those few seconds with him, and you will probably never forget the kindness in his face!
RoseMarie wrote: Great story, i can very easily visualise you flinging thst firewood over the wall. X 💓
heartofflesh wrote: a good gesture win situation...
splain wrote: Now he was a gentleman and you were such a good help.
suse15 wrote: Flinging firewood - good therapy too! Nice experience.
mindyjourney wrote: Kindling a kinder world :))
pyronik wrote: kindness rewarded. Were you singing as you threw? ;-)
Mish wrote: Beautiful circle of kindness there.
kjoyw wrote: What a great story! Lovely hoe you helped him with his wood!
leoladyc728 wrote: you sound like a physically, strong woman. Kudos to you. Even in my older years, I am also phsically strong.

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