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Letting go of Something I loved

--by keeseekayla, posted Oct 6, 2016
Yesterday I got a visit from a friend I haven't seen in awhile. When he was on his way over to my house, he was saying how his phone might die. I  knew then, as a great friend, it would be a very good thing to give a prized possession of mine to him, as he needed it at the time more than I do.

I have this battery pack that will charge up your phone when you are out and about, and it lasts all day. So, when he got here I offered my charger for him to use, and when he was leaving, I asked him if he would like to have my battery pack and the cord that came with it, so he wouldn't have a dead cell phone the whole hour drive back home.

I really loved that thing, but at the moment I knew what I needed to do as he needed a charge more than I did, since I am always around electricity and have a other car charger for when I am out! Sometimes it is the little things! :) He was very grateful!
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Curlygurl89 wrote: Selflessness is an amazing gift. Way to go, good for you!
gregacuna wrote: Finding the right gifts at the right moment is a special talent of attention and true generosity.
Novice50 wrote: I love how your kindness moved you to share something of value with your friend! Well done!
mindyjourney wrote: Beautiful kindness, straight for your heart to friend's need <3.
splain wrote: To give something you really want is pure giving.
leoladyc728 wrote: very kind and thoughtful of you

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