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Paying It Forward

--by kiwicat, posted Oct 27, 2016
I was getting coffee this morning, and the lady in front of me at the checkout was panicking. She had left her card at home and had no way of paying for her fruit and coffee. I said "I'll pay," and she gave me a hug! I just said, "Pay it forward, the world needs more kind acts." The best thing was tat she knew what "pay it forward" meant!
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mary lou wrote: Wonderful and inspiring
Praise the lord
Peace_spirit wrote: That's what life is about.
Chops9425 wrote: Good on you!
trooper2 wrote: The movie pay it forward has done a lot of good. It operated in your life, kiwicat. Thank you for helping this lady. Thank you for this inspiring post. Thank you for sharing with us your honest surprise that the lady knew what pay it forward meant. You have a seldom found quality, that being your willingness to share real feelings over real experiences without fear of the possible consequences. Your fresh fearlessness is like a soft breeze at the beach--calming, relaxing and welcome. Smiles 4 the miles
splain wrote: I love it when you do this Ally.
Mish wrote: Kindness is contagious & spreading !! Great .
Painiacs wrote: How wonderful of you to do! !
savraj wrote: Oh so wonderful!!
leoladyc728 wrote: I know that her coffee tasted extra special today because of you
mindyjourney wrote: It's soooo catching on, my friend ;)). Right where you needed to be to pay and encourage a pay it forward!

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