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Cashier Kindness

--by AndiCas, posted Oct 18, 2016
Racing home, I stopped at the supermarket and sent my son in to buy a few items. The wait was long, and my frustration bubbled under the surface. Then the cashier (it was a small supermarket with just one cashier) came out with a couple of bags and placed them behind a car. Then, sheappeared again to assist a disabled customer down the steps and back to his car, where she loaded them for him. Suddenly my frustration disappeared and I felt very grateful to live in a community where such kindnesses are commonplace.
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acalnan14 wrote: Love this story and the impact it had on you and me.
Lilijourney wrote: Thank you for sharing this day brightener 😊
RoseMarie wrote: That's the sort of place you really want to live andicas. X
mindyjourney wrote: That's why you fit in so beautifully there, my friend :))). Lovely kindness :)).
DANCE wrote: How lovely
suse15 wrote: Wow! Love this story of goodness.
KiwiCat wrote: Wow. To that disabled person it made the world of difference! What kindness.
splain wrote: An act of kindness like this, can change how you feel. It is like seeing what really is. I would love shopping there with such a kind cashier. You are so lucky to live where you live.
kjoyw wrote: What a lovely way of helping!
leoladyc728 wrote: it was worth the wait

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