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They noticed something moving and realized it was a wounded dog

--by raquel_dts1, posted Oct 1, 2016
It was a sunny day when my dad and I were arriving at his company. We parked the car and got out of it. I looked around and saw a gray thing on the floor, I thought it was a garbage bag, but it started to move. As we approached we realized that it was a small wounded dog.

We were so moved by the scene that we decided to help the poor dog. We bought some dog kibble in the store across the street and got some pure water for the dog, in order to help him regain strength.

He was so desperate that while giving him the food and water he almost drowned himself. After he had eaten we encouraged him to move; Nevertheless, he could not. My dad tried to take him in his arms, but he started barking due to a wounded bleeding paw. In the end, we decided to carry him in a small stretcher to our car.

Rapidly, we took him to the Vet for him to be heal. The Vet told us that he had a broken leg and that he had been starving for days. After 5 days of recovery, he got out of the Vet's office and we decided to look for a family for him.

He was adopted by one of my dad's workers and is living happily. In conclusion, I learned from this that everybody can do an act of kindness. Everyone deserves a second chance to be happy.
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123ABCD wrote: Oh, thank you thank you thank you for doing this! That was so kind of you, and i just love dogs.
Virginia wrote: So often when a dog is rescued it turns out they rescue someone. Yes to second chances.
splain wrote: Oh this makes me so happy, thank you for doing this. Our furry friends so need us'
Painiacs wrote: Oh man this warms my heart!!! Bless you and dad!! Angels you are and I'm sure God is smiling on you both!!
mindyjourney wrote: What a great share of the compassionate care you and father had for that wee dog <3. Thank you!!!
Mish wrote: You saved a life. Bless you ❤️
leoladyc728 wrote: what a story with a fabulous ending.

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